> Meet Your Self!

“When your head is in the clouds, your eyes are on the horizon and your feet is planted firmly on the ground, then it is much easier to see the lay of the land, and navigate the terrain, because now you know your own true nature.”


“How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life” 

Coming out Spring 2017

> Illuminate your Life, Impact your World!

When a person begins their journey from a “Conditioned Personality” towards that of a “Natural Person,” the human being that they were already designed to be and always meant to be; there is resistance that comes up and sabotages them along that journey.

We help you handle that form of resistance and transform it into “Torque” – an inherently powerful force that pivots and propels you forward into what you have always dreamt your life to be, an abundant life filled with purpose and destiny.



> Our INN-vitation to you....

In our workshops, you will find yourself being challenged by your own belief systems, your thoughts and ideas about how the world works and what your reality should be. This conscious awareness is not only healthy and healing, but transformative and exhilarating because you will learn how to create, become, and live an enhanced version of what you can be as you attain your fullest potentiality as a human being and as a natural person.




> The Diamond Quest Experience....

“Today was absolutely THE most powerful experience personally that I have ever had in any workshop! All of these 30 years [of working on myself] has prepared me for this reality. … I see the light. It is a propulsion for me to move to the next place with a lot of confidence and security and wealth. Gratitude! Truly.”

— Sarah, Workshop Attendee