This is the book that pulls back the curtain to reveal your truth.  

“… I like to think with the healing work I have facilitated for clients and importantly for myself that I have gained an understanding of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to facing fears and deep patterning. I have dived into the rabbit hole and gained a glimpse of the constructs and paradigms that rule our daily lives. ‘How Me Found I’ offers a way to recognize these patterns and move through them by bringing awareness, a change of angle, and through highly effective tools.

‘How Me Found I’ helps unblock what has been stuck and allows for a flow which opens up our creativity to manifest so much more.

It has for me no beginning, middle, and end as it allows us to jump in at any point and learn—often a random page opened is eerily aware to what it is I am working through at the time. If you’re ready to master the art of torque and pivoting through life, then there is no coincidence you found this book. The first few steps of your journey have already begun!”

— Dom, healing practitioner   (Amazon Review – 5 Stars)


“Today we live in such a fear-driven society in every aspect of our lives. One of the main tenets of this book turns your fear into ‘Torque’ to be used to transmute paralyzing fear into the courageous action needed to create forward movement and accomplish your desired reality.”

Abigail Diaz Juan

Founder, The Diamond Quest Company

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The Diamond Quest Company was founded by author Abby Juan in order to help people on their journey to personal transformation. Abby Juan understands that this process takes time and is unique for every individual. Juan also understands that the journey is deeply satisfying and well-worth the ride.  On this website you will find out how to be the Natural Person that you already are, inherently powerful in your own right.

“How Me Found I,” which is available for purchase now, provides a roadmap that leads to a person taking complete control of their life. Beyond the book, readers are encouraged to visit the site often for the latest information on the Natural Person Paradigm Teachings, self-empowering workshops led by Abby Juan that will help attendees achieve their own goals of self-actualization by hearing her unique stories of how to utilize Nature’s own creative principles in their own lives.

What an honor to support a force of nature, Abby Juan, as she births her tour de force book and message into the world. Not only do I love the cover, her writing is brilliant, candid, personal, and particularly satisfies the big picture, multidimensional thinker in me. Great guide and resource to navigate modern society’s many mazes.” Loraine Van Tuyl, Ph.D., author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper


Awakening a Woman’s Personal Power

TAKE ACTION: The Life You Desire Awaits You. When one thinks of the word, “Trust”, concepts of belief, hope, and faith come to mind since these are commonly associated terminology and ideas. But for me, the word “Trust” is more complex.

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LOVE is My Religion, My Nature, & My Reality

CHOICES: Love is my religion, my nature, and my reality. Love, when expressed externally is usually seen as a term of endearment, “I love you.” In actuality, LOVE is an algorithm, a methodology, an experiential statement of fact about one’s reality.

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“How Me Found I is a unique narrative on ‘the game of life’. … The book gives you the secrets of how to manifest in the physical world (the hologram), aligning yourself to who you were intended to be (a natural person), before you became a conditioned personality. This is really fascinating stuff, and one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is really well written and unique from anything I’ve ever encountered. This is great for everyone who wants to learn to expand their life and learn to truly create from a multidimensional perspective.” Nick (Decap) Piantedosi, artist and music producer