Noble Warrior and Sherpa Guide

“Abby, you have had an entire adult life in the “back office” doing things, your own breakdowns, breakthroughs, movements… Spectacular! There is maybe no other person on earth who could have given what you gave to us over these three days. What an enormous gift to me and I am SO grateful! …I have experienced it deeply and, I think, in many ways, I still don’t know yet…. I now have a whole set of choices, beliefs, and structures open to me now.” Jim



Founder of Diamond Quest, Abby recently emerged from an enormous personal transformation journey. Now she shares what she learned about her personal vision through Diamond Quest’s Natural Person Paradigm Teachings with those who are ready for this journey, or already on their quest and feeling a little lost or in limbo.

Born into a diplomat’s family, Abby traveled the world from an early age. By visiting many local communities in different cultures, she was privileged to see both the beauty and horror of humanity and nature.

Early in her career, Abby took an aggressive professional path, working in high finance and international marketing which introduced her to an exclusive global financial world, well hidden and inaccessible to the general public. As an entrepreneur, business incubationist and venture capitalist, Abby was able to achieve the pinnacle of success that most people aspire to; but by 2004, it was clear that a single-minded pursuit of money, achievement, and success was unsustainable. Abby was forced into retirement by a sudden and unexpected illness.



Her spontaneous kundalini awakening bore a specific vision accompanied by intense spiritual development. It activated a deeply personal and intimate inner journey that led Abby to seek a more centered and heart driven life. Her vision told her that she was to help people transform themselves and their children’s lives through education and livelihood support.



Early on in life, Abby was always able to see inherent order out of chaos; potential forms contained in the yet unknown in correlation to the already known; as well as energetic movement either lying in wait or flowing in fluid motion. To Abby, everything was an active dance of engagement, dynamic activity in live motion, and her studio was Life itself complete with a full array of light and surround sound.

Abby’s touchstone was the Constant of Change. She understood its culture and language and it spoke to her continuously.

This natural ability to read any situation before her and translate that information to the players involved, led Abby into becoming a cross-cultural communicator and business strategist by vocation, enabling her to ascend to great heights in the business world quickly.

A creative by nature, builder by design, Abby could see systematic counter balance in everything and this bird’s eye view served her well in executing her many projects on the ground. More importantly, the ability to recognize hidden form, combined with the ability to sense flow and movement helped her understand how transactional energy (money) flowed through its many conduits and how all the financial pieces of the abundance puzzle interlock together.

As early as 1989, Abby was already giving workshops and bootcamps to train business leaders and entrepreneurs in how to bridge the gap into this new perceptive model of strategic critical thinking that is currently evolving and opening.

However, the Universe had other plans for her and throughout her life, Abby kept getting catapulted into new situations to deepen her spiritual training as a cultural translator, transformative catalyst and sherpa guide for those that would need her help and assistance in later years. That time has finally come.



In her quest for deeper understanding, guided by the Universe, Abby learned to see the clues, comprehend the messages, read the signposts, and gather the necessary resources, props, and tools to make the journey passable and accessible for others to undertake and follow. This progressive journey of awareness culminated into Diamond Quest, a gateway for those wishing to make their way out of the existing contracted Matrix of the “status quo” into a new world of self construction and magic making. In 2011, as Abby returned to health, she was guided to create the LiteWave Group to educate spiritually savvy abundance makers on how to use the current money system for the betterment of humanity. In 2014, it became time to create Diamond Quest to help people get a handle on what Abby has learned. As Thought begets Matter, each one of us can build the life of our dreams. We just need to know how.

By bringing together like-minded abundance makers with heart driven life missions of their own, and Abby’s pragmatic knowledge of business, high finance and critical thinking skills, Diamond Quest members can look forward to eventually having enough freedom and understanding to act upon these most important questions in their lives:

— What is the passion at the core of all that I do?

— What is most important to me?

— What is my mission in life?

— Can I maintain it?

— Am I ready?

— How do I pivot?

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