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There is another way ….

From the time you were born, you become acclimated to your outer world through your culture, your society, your environment, and your upbringing. You become what we call the “Conditioned Personality”, and as the director and producer of your life, you developed a script that, over time, you patterned your life to its dictates without question or conscious awareness. These scripted habits are what your Ego Mind obeys as it devotes itself to protecting what it understands to be your “Life”.

At some point, the winds of change will blow into your life and you will feel its impact as the habitual manmade script of yours collides against Natural Law, the universal set of laws that govern all of nature on our planet and its inhabitants.

Suddenly, nothing works anymore and you are at your wits end on how to keep together all the components of your life. Your life begins to deteriorate; the structure of your world begins to collapse; nothing works the way they should; a life changing crisis, usually oriented around your personal health, family, finances, or professionally, begins to loom or actually happens to get your attention; and throughout all this, your enthusiasm for what you are doing and where you are wanes.

Sensing that something isn’t right in your world, exhausted, frustrated stressed, overwhelmed, and weary of life, you sink towards depression as it becomes a constant struggle to just keep everything going each and every day.

Life just becomes harder all around and fears of loss in the present now and of what will happen in the future become dominant emotions in driving your thoughts and dictating your actions as your Ego Mind struggles desperately to find a solution to the problem. Resistance naturally occurs as a result of two forces moving against each other and this friction between the two movements is felt as internal stress and tension within you as your conditioned personality begins to experience breakdown and fatigue.

As “Thought begets matter”, you are now in a downward spiral with no way seemingly out of the darkness.


However …

There is another way, another perception, another experience, another life, one that we call the “Natural Person,” whose internal scripting already lies dormant within you and is already perfectly encoded for you to thrive in your environment.

It is your birthright and it is designed to thrust you beyond survival into creating the well-rounded life you were always meant to have: a deep satisfaction derived from achieving full potentiality, fulfillment of purpose, a comfortable, prosperous and abundant lifestyle, thriving and balanced relationships, and a healthy and expansive wellbeing over all.




It is the purpose of Diamond Quest to navigate you towards that path and walk alongside you as you take on the journey of self re-discovery and exploration of your new life. As a sherpa guide, I have personally walked my own path towards that special Inn in the valley, concealed beneath the clouds, accessible only through a narrow gorge between the mountains, to uncover the hidden diamond in all of us.

The Breathe of Life …

Like the natural activity of breathing, this quest of yours is comprised of three stages: the Exhale, the Pause, and the Inhale.


Let us first look at the EXHALE:  the divesting of the conditioned self that has focused your attention for so long on social conformity and everyday survival. This is the journey through the gorge into the valley hidden deep in the mountains. As you begin to observe and shed light on your habits, you begin detaching from the outgrown script that no longer works for you. At the same time, your true temperament begins to reveal itself, layer by layer.

It is here that your quest out of the darkness illuminates itself step by step.


Next, the PAUSE:  you arrive at the Inn in the valley, the place of rest, recovery, understanding, and creation. Here you become aware of the vast possibilities of your true birthright and become acquainted with the trueness of yourself. It is here that you activate your diamond, the Natural Person quietly residing within you all this time.

It is here that you learn to command unrestricted unlimited power direct from your core.


Lastly, the INHALE:  having now accessed and embraced your true nature, you now confidently step out and leave the Inn to reclaim your place once again in society, no longer as someone buffeted and influenced by the world around you. Instead you emerge out of the valley, ready to meet your destiny and embrace what Nature, in its fullness of power is able to offer you; and together in sync, a new multidimensional Life is created, the one you were always meant to have as an innate citizen of humanity.

And now YOU ARE IMPACTING YOUR WORLD each and every day, moment by moment…


TO BEGINone must be willing to embark on a quest to find their own diamond, for we all have one….