Awakening a Woman’s Personal Power

Last month, I was asked by Judith Harlan, editor and founder of Me-At Last!, to share my insights about women on purpose with her readers. Below is what I wrote for her this month as the first article in a series of upcoming blogs in 2018 about our inherent, personal power as women, about finding it, developing it and putting it to work for you. Thank you Jude for the opportunity! Much appreciated! 

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The Life You Desire Awaits You

When one thinks of the word, “Trust”, concepts of belief, hope, and faith come to mind since these are commonly associated terminology and ideas. But for me, the word “Trust” is more complex. It goes into trusting the power of the deeper mysteries of life and how they apply to me personally. These deep truths are well hidden from the ordinary person because most of us are not yet ready to trust or embrace this kind of power.

As humans, natural, eternal, and immediate power resides within us personally and always has.

Sadly, today this concept of personal power has been corrupted so much that our concept of power is mostly now reduced to our material environment and judgment of our wellbeing in society. How does one typically gain personal power nowadays? — How much money or how many status symbols do I need to gain respect? What is my social status? – These material symbols are what we have been conditioned to think we must attain in order to gain power and be accepted in society.


My Own Road to Power

Back in 2004, I was forced to retire from the venture capital industry by an adrenal failure syndrome that triggered a spontaneous kundalini awakening within me. The illness pivoted me onto a path of spiritual discovery for many years, guided by inner teachers. Those experiences culminated into a book, How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life, where I share my insights about how to live life as a natural person, inherently powerful in our own right as members of the human species.

As we slide into the end of this year and pivot to embrace the beginning of 2018, I invite you to join me in thinking about this higher and broader idea of power: personal and natural power as seen from the clarity atop a mountain peak, in contrast to the crowded valley floor below.


Me At Last! – My Turn

As a woman who has arrived into her fifties, I realize that it is my “me time” now. Liberated from the confining identities of the many hats most women wear, whether it is as a mother, wife, daughter, professional, employee, entrepreneur, or retired, I am finally open to giving thought to myself as an individual and as a person.

With this liberating utterance of freedom comes the awareness that I must now consider how to embrace my power, both personal and natural. It is my hope that from reading this article, you will gain both the desire and courage to embrace your own natural and personal power, too, for it is yours to have and to hold. It is time to embolden yourself towards what you will create in the New Year!


What Is Your Inherent Power?

To intimately understand natural power, you must recognize its attributes, its many forms of ignition, and how to be comfortable with it energetically. In other words, how do you know and recognize power and how do you activate and utilize it so that it benefits you.

In the world of nature, we humans are just one of the many species that Mother Earth supports and nurtures. As one of her children, we follow the same natural rules and contain the same patterns as many of her other species, with one clear exception: We have been given the evolutionary ability to think for ourselves and act upon those decisions. We have free will to counterbalance instinct.

Simply put, we have the ability to go against the grain of status quo and step out onto our own path if we so choose.

Equally, we have the ability to discern what is good for us and align ourselves with the natural flow of the Great River of Life. We have the ability to be individualistic, independent, and yet be part of the greater wholeness of life, nature, and the Universe through communal instinct and divine intuition. This is our true personal power — inherent, organic, and natural. If we trust that inner voice and higher guidance that links us to the natural rhythm and innate cadence of the Universe’s energies, we flow easily, carried by the organic currents of our life as it was meant to be — fluid, graceful, abundant, and effortless.

This is what I offer to you as a challenge as we enter into 2018, do you want to access your natural power as a human being? It is your intrinsic right to attain, access, and utilize, as you wish. Ask yourself these questions.

  • What would you like to know?
  • What do you want to have?
  • What do you desire to be?

The answers you come up with to those core creation questions will set into motion the greater powers of the Universe on your behalf, ensuring your wellbeing, and for your welfare, as long as you do not baulk and lose courage once you have made your decision to move forward. Trust and embrace your natural power and do it boldly because the life you desire awaits you now.

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