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“Abby, you’re a great writer! I envisioned you similar to Alice in Wonderland….Fearless as she decides to jump into the rabbit hole and meet up with all her adventures thru the looking glass, challenging all the characters, meeting them head on as in life and awakening with stronger insights, peace, joy and identity.


“How Me Found I is the greatest gift of all to me. I feel the power in me and so much blessings coming already after reading your book.



Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life by Abigail Diaz Juan is a powerful book in the area of personal development and the quest for meaning, a book that will help readers reconnect with their ultimate purpose and learn to become masters of their destiny. Most people are conditioned to live a life that wasn’t meant for them, to pursue dreams created by others for them. Most of us find ourselves struggling to squeeze in, to fit in. But this book asserts most strongly that we were not created to merely fit in, but to stand out in our uniqueness, to pursue a mission that aligns with our deep-most desires and our core nature. If only we could understand this, we’d seek to attain the inner freedom that allows us to pursue our passions, to grow naturally, to develop our talents, and to create a purpose-driven life. In this book, Abigail Diaz Juan shows readers how to rediscover what they were meant to do, to pursue it with confidence, and to find the courage to embrace the path that was meant for them.

This is a book with a well-crafted message, one that offers more answers than questions. I have read a lot of books in the area of self-help, but very few of them succeed in answering the soulstirring questions I live with. How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life stands out because it helped me understand just how I can rediscover the person I was meant to be. Abigail Diaz Juan writes with the confidence of an expert who has lived the message she is passing across to readers. The prose is excellent and very accessible to ordinary readers. Here is a book for fans of New Age literature, readers who want to awaken spiritually, and anyone who wants to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. It’s a gift to receive, use, and pass on.

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life is an inspirational self-help book that combines philosophy, spirituality, and practical tips for leading a better and improved life. The book starts off with an introduction to Abigail herself where she explores her early beginnings in the vast, natural landscape of Afghanistan as a child of diplomat parents. Her life changes drastically when her family moves to the United States when she is a young child and adjusting from the completely natural world to the modern, fast-paced world is a shock. Nevertheless, she grows up and becomes a successful business person when an illness once again puts a halt to her life plans and truly awakens her and starts her on a path of spirituality. In this book, she explores answers to questions such as the meaning of life, how do we align our energy with the cosmos for happier, healthier living, how do we let our authentic, true selves come out and shine, the fabric of the universe and what time and space mean, how to turn a corner and learn to live life in alignment with the universe, among other topics.

How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life by Abigail Diaz Juan is the author’s own journey on the path of spirituality and the practical wisdom that resulted from it. I liked the general flow and contents of the book and thought the subject matter was well covered. I also enjoyed the references to ancient spiritual practices in Hinduism, Sufism, Zen, etc. The idea that we hide behind a distorted personality that ought to be reverted to its natural, authentic self appealed to me. Overall, I found this to be an inspiring and introspective read.

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

Do you feel comfortable with who you are? Or is there anything that you wished that you could change about yourself? How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life by Abigail Diaz Juan is a self help guide designed to help guide you on the right path to your self-discovery into who you were meant to be. Abigail Diaz Juan centers this guide on the principles of her Natural Person’s Paradigm of Life system. This guide is where the principles of the Dalai Lama, wisdom of Iyanla Vanzant and a touch of yoga all come together to bring peace, clarity and balance. As you read through the chapters, Abigail Diaz Juan tells you stories while interweaving elements of exercises or “ah ha” moments for you to enhance your own self-discovery. Remember this guide is about oneness, freedom and finding out who you were meant to be.

I liked how Abigail Diaz Juan immediately touched on the Mini-Me, My Self and I Am factors because isn’t that what we’re all seeking; a better consciousness of our being? “Your Heart is your connection to your Original Blueprint, Your Ego is the consequence and outcome of interacting with your environment,” says Abigail Diaz Juan. The heart is the center of all things; it all begins there. At its center is where choices and decisions are made which direct our path and life. Implementing the Natural Person’s Paradigm of Life takes work because you’re working against the complacency and stagnant elects of a life that you’ve grown accustomed to, but we all know that, just like the birthing process, once the baby is born it’s a beautiful thing.