Pivoting Gracefully

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Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life

“If we are aware and focused, life begins to represent a pattern of ordered incidents, happenstances that occur from a blueprint of understanding and comprehension that only a few people can see, yet it is an art form and science that can be taught and learned.”

How Me Found I: Mastering the Art of Pivoting Gracefully Through Life gets to the very heart of the matter of why so many of us today feel stuck, unable to gain control of our lives and our environment around us. It is not an issue of fault, blame, or wrongdoing. It is simply that most of us are unknowingly operating our lives incorrectly. Fear and Scarcity appears when there is great inequality and imbalance. Love and Abundance surrounds us when there is great balance and harmony.

How Me Found I is how I came to understand who I am and always have been, a human being human—a natural person, inherently powerful in my own right; designed to be successful, fulfilled, and loved in this purposeful environment of constant change and dynamic movement.

“Today we live in such a fear driven society in every aspect of our lives. One of the main tenets of this book turns your fear into ‘Torque’ to be used to transmute paralyzing fear into the courageous action needed to create forward movement and accomplish your desired reality.” — Abby Juan

What if you were able to grow into adulthood naturally; not the personality you adapted to fit into society, but the person you actually truly desired to be—inherently authentic, true to yourself, and successfully living your passion? What if you could become that person again, the one you were always destined to be? Would you step into that life, if shown how?

In How Me Found I, author Abigail Diaz Juan answers these questions and presents a guidebook showing how you can attain balance, harmony, and greatness in your world. She shares her personal physical, intellectual, and spiritual experiences and what she learned. Abby outlines the Natural Person Paradigm and how it can be used for personal transformation to improve your life. She shares that when you allow “Life” to take you on a journey, it unveils your true purpose.

How Me Found I communicates that if you allow your inner self to guide you, the path opens up and reveals itself, and life then becomes a series of pivotal steps leading you in the right direction, on your path to greatness.