Back in 2004, shortly after the onset of my spontaneous kundalini awakening, I woke up in the middle of the night with a vivid vision of this Inn. Little did I know at the time, the Universe was about to take me down a path that would ultimately lead me here to find I AM a teacher and always have been.


It is pitch black. Then in the far distance, center of view, a point of light appears, beckoning me forward. As I walk towards the light, I begin to see that it is the steady flame from a candle contained inside an old fashioned porch light hung on the right side of a front door. As I step onto the landing and touch the door handle, I realize that this is a special inn, a way station for those like me that have come to Earth with specific life assignments.

When we arrive/birth/incarnate, we enter a state of amnesia forgetting that each of us has a soul mission to complete and so we descend alone and frightened into the undercover darkness of unknowing.

Unaware that there is something more to life than the everyday before our eyes, many of us accept the weariness of a desperate but safe existence, clocking out our days until it is time to exit.

And yet, there comes a point in one’s life when the tumblers of your soul’s purpose click into place and something unlocks within us; and from out of the deep recesses of our being emits a ray of hope that there is something out there for us, our lives do have meaning and purpose.

And so, our hero’s journey begins as we start to walk towards that speck of light in the distance, steadily beckoning us out of our darkness of fearful unknowingness. For the hero within each of us, the lantern by the door serves as our guiding beacon as we find our way to the Inn.

Where, once inside weary from the trip, each of us is able to receive nourishment, rest, empathy, education, support, fellowship and provisions.

Replenished and reconnected, anchored and activated, awakened and aware, backpacks now filled with provisions and tools for the return journey, we each step confidently through the front door of the Inn back out into the world, ready and able to now share our individual and collective mission directives as carriers of light and love with our families and communities.


Welcome to the Inn.

— Abby Juan (Sherpa Guide)

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