Life is simple until we make it complicated. Life is easy until we make it harder.

Why is that? It is because life is a multitude of experiences all waiting to happen and you are the ignition trigger to which experience will happen first, middle, and last. In other words, you create as you go along, your life in real time, real motion, and in reality. It is all you that creates what your life is about—You ‘intend’ the life that you ‘create’ in real time. When you grasp that simple concept, the magnitude of that power in your hands floods your realization and for some of us, that is too much power to handle alone.


Magic Making

When you realize that all that happens to you, will happen to you, and has happened to you, with you playing a part in its creation; then judgment quickly becomes a state of responsible action. You decided to create this ____; therefore, it is also up to you to create its solution, new circumstances, and new desires to evolve you out of the current situation you find yourself in. This is the power of magic, the ability to change reality at a moment’s notice, and create anew once realized.

When you are able to master this creative ability well, you become capable of creating great things out of thin air, the ethers of potentiality that we all live in. It is here that form first begins. It is that spark of thought that creates the beginning existence of a form, that “known” emerging into reality out of the zero point ocean of unknowingness. That wave of understanding and drama defines your existence in dynamic motion. This is the wave that we all live for and search for, “What am I to do next? I am finished with this one, what is next?” We always want to know what is next. It permeates our very thought process each and every moment of each day. “What do I do next? and next? and next?” It is that inherent desire to continue moving—the transition of change, dynamics of reality, and evolution over time. It is the continuation of time in motion. This is how we evolve, grow, understand, and actualize.

Life is dynamic motion in real time. How we choose to act that out is a matter of free will and choice. This is what defines the very individuality of who we are, whether we are conscious of it or not.


Right Place, Right Time, Right Action

When you decide to act on an impulse, thought, or desire, you are choosing to perform that action. When it works for you in the positive and you receive benefit from that chosen action, then it is a positive advancement in life, not a negative regression in existence. This is the meaning and understanding behind the very definition of “Right place, right time, right action”. When you are acting in accordance with all systems functioning in a “go” position, then the ability to be timely and positioned correctly to act accordingly becomes possible; and more importantly, crucial to the continuance of forward movement. Life happens positively when you move accordingly within that positive flow of current energy. Life is negative when you act adversely to that very same exact flow of current energy.

Why is that? Because the tug and pull of life is that very same dual action. It is the tug and pull of modulated motion, the brakes and accelerator of your vehicle in forward motion. Both are necessary and yet both have their own specific time and place of occurrence. You do not apply both simultaneously unless your purpose is to create “Torque”remain static at the detriment of all forces acting in the contrary for the specific intention of building charge. Forward motion is a natural action; thought is a matter of free will; and therefore the confluence of both actions creates an activity of resistance within forward motion. This resistance’s role is to act as a modulation instrument of curvature, timely intervention to provide balance and harmony in accordance with the speed and flow of traffic moving in the same curving direction. Its emergence is how you avoid colliding with the other people that are moving amongst the same high-speed lanes as you on the great highway of life. It is how you “zig” when others “zag”.

It is how you interact in relationships; moving in adherence to common acceptance of realities while interacting with others that are in accordance with your reality. This is how you work and play well with others in the bumper car amusement park of life.


What Next?

When your psyche can grasp the dual action of brake and accelerator, ego and heart duality, then you are able to pause and look around while in the moment. To be “circumspect” and evolved enough to stop and smell the roses and test where the winds are blowing you next so you can see where the next segue is. This is interpreting the clues that are strewn around you, guiding you to the next stepping-stone in answer to your question of “What next?”

“What next” is always followed by the answer as long as we are willing to pause and look around—circumspective within the moment; rather than linearly focused only on our objective goal out in the future unknown based only on what we think we already know. This ease of sequential movement based on a 360 degree perspective is what we all seek, the ability to know what to do next, naturally and fully.

When resistance occurs, it is not necessarily such a bad thing when it makes its appearance in the middle of a current flow of events, tasks, or orientation. Its emergence shouldn’t take you off your game. It is merely a signal to you to pause, turn, look around, and allow the messages of change, calibration, and redirection to emerge into your awareness.

Yesterday, you were doing this, today you are now doing this, and tomorrow you will be doing that. But always when you step back and smell the roses, pause, and look around, you see the next thing that you were meant to do in your long life journey of progressive evolution.

This is right action at the right place in perfect timing with the greater forces at hand. This is you naurally pivoting seamlessly in lock step timing with the Universe in your own personal dance of life. 

This is just a snippet of what life is about and how to live it. Learn more from Abby Juan with her new book, “How Me Found I”, available for purchase!