LOVE is my religion, my nature, and my reality.

Love when expressed externally is usually seen as a term of endearment, “I love you.” Within the context of our topic here, LOVE is an algorithm, a methodology, an experiential statement of fact about one’s reality. It is what you believe and how you act from those beliefs that created, creates, and will continue to create your ever-evolving circumstances. There is power in those words if you would only pause and contemplate the meaning of life as it applies to you personally and directly both as a person and as a human.

In my life book, How Me Found I, I examine how to love is to be alive in all forms of nature. It is the very essence of what we see, do, and have. If you see love in the world around you, then you will act in loving ways and love will respond to you in bringing you abundance in all ways possible. If you see the world around you with hate in your mind, then you again will act in hate and hate will come to you in all types of forms. You create the reality you live in. Which means only you can change your own reality. If your thoughts and actions are driven by fear, fear is what you will receive. If you are moved by love, then it is love that you will receive. Simple really.


LOVE is My Religion

Belief is what we use to create mental filters for outside data to come through. It is the fine mesh screen that covers your eyes, internally and externally, so that you can see more easily and quickly the information lying in wait for you to receive and interpret. If your belief system is open and receiving, then more unfamiliar data is able to come through. If your belief system is already set to a certain amount of conditions, then the data you allow to filter through these conditions will be already preset to fit those conditions, familiar data.

In circumstances that require quickness of speed in discernment and choice allocation such as a routine that has been repeated multiple times, these conditional parameters can be advantageous. In other circumstances, where you are seeking new data from the unknown, this preset conditional outlook can be a deterrent to movement. Why is that? Because you need unknown unfamiliar, not previously known or recognizable, data to flow into you unfiltered in order to gain new information in which to determine new choices and make new decisions in order to move forward into the unknown to evolve. See how this works?

This is how you are able to distinguish the unfamiliar from the already familiar, the ability to allow new, never before seen, data to come into your mind for assimilation and understanding. This is the activity of cognitive awareness. You need to explore in order to grow.


LOVE is My Nature

When love is your religion, your belief systems are constantly open and allowing of new information to come into you. This is necessary for expansion and higher expression. When love is your nature, then new data can be continually assimilated and translated without any fear or threat to yourself or being.

Why is openness and acceptance important? Because in order to evolve (rising vibration to attain higher thresholds of frequency) one must have their parameters set to “open” rather than “closed” so that the quality of incoming data can continue to improve and enhance your current reality.

When your mind is shut and already preset to certain conditions, then only data that reinforces your current opinion and judgment is allowed to enter. Opinion and judgment is simply pre-decided outcomes to an already set reality of experiences. All you are doing is reinforcing your current state of mind and therefore your state of affairs will not evolve, but rather maintain status quo. You are what you are and this is all you will be. This is you limiting your opportunities and contracting your experiences in life by willful desire. You simply desire a “small” life. This is not a criticism of you, it is a statement of fact. By purposefully refusing to consider any new unfamiliar information coming from your environment about your circumstances or situation, you have anchored yourself to your current position immobilizing you from any further movement. By choice, you have prevented yourself from pivoting into a bigger life, the natural way of expanding and evolving as defined by the Universe and Nature.

Belief systems are morphogenetic fields that surround your cells. They are membranes that when kept in their natural state are porous to allow a constant flow of instructions passed through your blood stream and new data from your environment to flow through so your cells can adapt to changing conditions in real time and respond accordingly. This is how you exist and create your reality. Once again, it is a call and response system of being. As conditions evolve and change in accordance with the only true law that exists, the Constant of Change, you are designed as a human being to adapt and evolve in response to the ever-changing circumstances that appear about you as you are turned by the Universe to meet them.

“We turn to exist, we exist to turn.”

This is the scientific fact of our existence. All things revolve to exist and you are part of that great collective system of existence, therefore turning is part of our nature. This spiral pattern of movement causes you to revolve in order to accommodate the need to evolve and grow. Your path of movement traces out an open-ended ever-widening spiral shape that expands outward in a concentric manner while simultaneously rising upward in an ascending manner in one continuous line of experiential reality. This is you growing within the vortex of human evolution; also known as ascension.


LOVE is My Reality

The LOVE algorithm (Life + Order + Vibration + Energy) contains all the factors and elements necessary for human ascension. However, you have a built in switch that can either turn off that natural organic movement or customize it to your liking. This is how you create your own individual reality and personal experience of life. It is how you interact with the greater forces of Nature and others within the collective whole. The independent freedom to choose how you will experience your reality is how you develop and mature your personality, your own identity within man-made society, how you develop as a “Person” within the human you already are.

It is the creation of your own individualistic counter opposite to your human self so that you can maintain a balanced movement through life. This is how you can determine whether to color inside or outside your pre destined “line” as the Universe moves you through each and every moment of your life.

It is your “Will”, the freedom to choose. To decide what you want to do, how to act, and what to have in life is what allows you to have self-expression and individualizes you from other people and their own self-expression. If used properly in accordance with your true counter opposite, the human being that you already are, then this powerful ability will help you ascend to great heights and lives of sheer greatness. If used improperly, you limit yourself to a small life of fear-driven scarcity, stress, and misery, trapped by your self-enforced closed set of circumstances.

The ability to exercise your will carries a great responsibility in that freedom to decide, act, and have. The impact of your actions carries either consequences (downward contractive movement) or rewards (upward expansive movement). To decide which direction you want to go in accordance with the predetermined program of the human species, you must seriously consider your next move to ensure that it creates a holistic outcome for all involved. To do otherwise causes you to eventually ground to a halt. With your world contracted around you, movement naturally ceases. There is no advancement. Like in chess, you must think of the end game before you make your move in order to gain maximum optimal advancement in life.

What do you ultimately want the outcome to be and will this move strategically help you get there by advancing the upward expansive movement or will this be this just another form of oscillation, repeated familiarity? Considerations such as these require the need to contemplate and self-reflect; the activity of responsive discernment versus reactionary action. Do I really want to do this? Or am I simply trying to satisfy my Ego’s need to guarantee an outcome? Should I pause, look around a bit more and peek below the surface of what this is before deciding? Should I check under the hood to see if everything is truly right? What is the end game if I go there? These are evaluating thoughts of discernment, the act of logic reasoning to arrive at an educated decision for the purpose of movement. This is the proper exercise of free will.

Sadly, in our society today, this ability to think for one’s self has been replaced by others thinking for you; and like herded cattle, all you need to do is follow their lead without question. In our thirst for convenience and instant gratification, we have paid a high price for our safety and comfort by abdicating our independence to think. Like passengers on a commuter train, instead of driving our own vehicles on the great highway of Life, we have become passive followers and not dynamic leaders in our own lives. Consequently, many of us feel our lives are offline, without direction or purpose, the aimless existence of being on a treadmill, our self-worth measured only by our productive value to society.


Coming Back Online

When you choose to act out of LOVE, then you automatically move into the correct position to receive the great benefits of a counter balancing relationship with your greater human self as a person. You just need to decide, each and every moment of your life, to choose LOVE as the greater driving force in your life. This conscious choosing allows the Universe’s natural powers to continually move you holistically towards and into an ever-abundant life of sustainable greatness. This is what it feels like on a daily basis to be a natural person, inherently powerful in your own right.


It is only by choice (yours alone) that Love becomes your religion, your nature, and your reality.