To view the world through your unique lens of understanding is what we all strive to do.

How we comprehend the world around us is how we are able to act and define our personality’s identity and choices to make about our very own life. This is what keeps us solitary and independent in our very own thoughts. It is the uniqueness and independence of each other’s thought processes that create our very own individuality and personality that then interacts with other people’s personalities.

If understood from that perspective of life, then the simplicity of movement becomes evident and surefooted as we move with great certainty throughout our daily lives. It is not us trying to be someone else; it is merely “us being us”.

How we go about accomplishing that very task of being ourselves is where all the choices and complexities of maneuvering about those particular decisions becomes the very experience of life that we enjoy and express outwardly on the stage of daily activity.

This is the beauty of life through the optimization of action. As we look at our choices and examine the advantages and benefits of moving in the given direction of that particular choice, we get to determine exactly how we want to approach, handle, and develop that selected choice into a decision-making opportunity so we can capture the data best available and most useful for us to act upon next. This is the game of life as we know it to be and can be.

embrace the changeThe fullness of power and control within our hands is in how we approach the choices that come before us in life. If we approach our choices with dread and fear, then the outcomes of our decisions will reflect such attitudes of life and we experience contraction and scarcity. If we approach these choices with anticipation and curiosity, then they will reveal what the next given opportunities as set forth by the Universe in great bounty and expansive abundance.

This is the lesson of life that we are meant to learn, “How we approach our daily lives, determines how we will continue to approach our daily lives.” It is not a one-time activity; rather it is an activity of building continuously layer by layer, brick by brick; one that we do and reenact each and every day, step by step, pivot by pivot, moment by moment, event by event, situation by situation.

In this context, “What do I do now?” becomes the mantra of steady and continual movement through the dynamic moments of our daily lives. It is what we do now that determines what we do next in terms of quality and extension of movement.

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