What attendees are saying about our workshops...

I think the two most profound “take aways” from the workshop were an understanding of the different quadrants within which people tend to live and being connected to Earth and Spirit. Han

The visualization and breathing, for me, I loved. That was really big, that really beautifully helped me see that whole concept of the manifestation. That was a very very powerful part of the weekend for me. It exceeded my expectations. Dominic

Well, I see it as a state of being that is accessible to me and there is an art, science, and application to being in the energy frequency of it. Now I can see when I’m contracting, I can see when I’m expanding, and just accept that as part of the process. This is a great comprehensive picture of being in the consciousness and experience and flow of abundance. Nick

I believe this class could very well help turn my life around, and help many others too, once they have attended the teachings and do the practice. The value of the training was priceless for me, because I really do feel a subtle but discernible shift with this new meditation. Trevor

It was life-changing, to say the least. To have different tools, especially tools for clarity, changes my value of self-worth. It has been something I’ve been around in parts of my life, but to fully embrace this three day weekend, has been an amazing experience. Brad

After taking the workshop for the first time and taking so many months to unpack all the information, So many really amazing things have taken place… so many things took place that I was surprised at how I wasn’t ready for them, like the manifestations were coming really easily. And then, everything started to resync back into how they used to be, and all the difficulties in the last several years started to really heal. Thank you Bijan

I am really blown away by all this, especially you Abby, I felt like I just tracked you the whole way and that it was so important for me to be here and get this information. I feel like something big is coming and I’m getting chills! Kathy

I really think the biggest difference for me is my attitude of gratitude, which is pretty much constant. I’m exceedingly grateful for everything I have in my life and everything that I’ve manifested. Amanaa

Manifestation has been very successful. Every time I would feel my buyers selecting a particular house, I always get there earlier before they arrive. I would just appreciate the house and tell it to welcome my buyers as its new owners. And it has really resulted in excellent results. It’s very effective and I’m glad I learned that. Regina

I really appreciate you putting it out there for us, and packaging it in a way that is digestible, understandable and accessible. I think it was a really generous gift and please accept my attitude of gratitude. Scott

Now I have a clear understanding of how the breath is connected to my life experiences and that the importance of the movement of the breath and how it mirrors and can influence the downward cycle of my life and the upward cycle of my life. Meisha

The workshop is really good to turn you to how to work with the earth and with your own purpose and get out of your way, while getting right into the middle of it. Dennis

Things are continuing to happen in wonderful ways beyond my imagination! Abundance is profound! I don’t know where to begin or how I would end as each day brings more and more treasures in all forms. …. I am noticing that things are manifesting for me so quickly lately. I’ll have a small thought or desire and it will come to fruition nearly immediately. It’s trippy actually. Darrick

Have some great news. Just got hired full time starting Monday. I’ve been breathing every day sometimes twice. I had put my desire for employment out there in detail. I received the type of contractor I had envisioned, wages and location also. … I am so grateful. Daniel

It’s like giving birth to myself. I have a lot more clarity now than I did that first time around and I really feel like I’ve got tools I can take home and really apply. Angela

What I see as the immediate effect of all these workshops and breathing exercises and everything is that it’s provided a more calm living experience with myself and with others. I feel fantastic. It really turned everything around for me. Charlie

I think everything is very serendipitous that I came here. I felt a love power that intellectually I knew for many years but by combining with this (Diamond Quest), I realized that was the missing part. This was a really wonderful awakening, reawakening, I knew it intellectually, but now I believe I am owning that in a very practical way. Trevor

It has been terrific. I think one of the most exciting and immediately available experiences I had was this understanding of Abundance and the natural law of Abundance, and just learning that Q4 was available. It was an epiphany during the workshop. Lisa

This information, has so helped me get it into my body and in my awareness in a way that I can’t go back.- and that feels really good. It is only going to make me a better person and help me really get in touch with what I am here to do. Amanaa

In particular, Karen, the gift you gave me was to remind me… I have had many unique experiences to the earth and to nature, and to many of its forms. I am so much a high tech troglodyte, living in my little cave; that I forget sometimes to go back into nature. Jim

The workshop was fantastic. I loved learning more about awareness and consciousness, and about the energy of the Earth. I have had miracles happen in my life, but after I started doing this breathing process, it has really accelerated Karen

Abby’s ability to explain complex ideas really works. Take the word ‘polarity’. I used to use that word to describe politicians or celebrities. “I never thought it would mean more than that.” Regina

It’s just being aware of what is going on and just listening to my voice, that is inside; even though sometimes I don’t like what it is saying, there were lot of things that kept coming up, and I realize they came up for a reason. I needed to get past those blocks and I needed to get past them in order to get to this point where my heart feels more open. Inky