“Today was absolutely THE most powerful experience personally that I have ever had in any workshop! All of these 30 years [of working on myself] has prepared me for this reality. …

I see the light. It is a propulsion for me to move to the next place with a lot of confidence and security and wealth.

Gratitude! Truly.”

Sarah, Workshop Attendee




An Experience in Human Thought:  The Natural Person Paradigm 101

This Diamond Quest 3-day Intensive Workshop introduces a powerful concept for self realization and self actualization by returning you to your Natural Person state so you can utilize your inherent core life skills fundamentally necessary to live your life optimally and purposefully on a moment by moment basis, each and every day.



Simply put, this workshop is not a quick fix solution, rather it is meant to transition you from an existing life that you may have outgrown or no longer works for you, by jump starting you into a brand new life that was originally designed and optimally created for you to enjoy, experience, and have NOW.

For many of the Diamond Quest alumni, not only were they able to experience the benefits of the workshop immediately after; but months and years later, many of them still continue to benefit from what they learned as they practice daily the art and science of modern magic making.


Here is where you will learn to break out of the proverbial Matrix and build a new framework for your life in which to transition into and expand from.


Upon completing this workshop, you will be better able to:
  • Recognize the conditioned personality you have become so you know what to change today.
  • Understand the Natural Person you inherently are and can be again.
  • Catalyze yourself out of the world you are in now into the one you were always meant to live in.
  • Create consciously your life actively and dynamically in real time.
  • Create, maintain and sustain the life you desire.
  • Align harmoniously and in conjunction with Nature and the Universe so you are fulfilling your potential always.
  • Breathe your way through life’s various movements and moments so that your life achieves fluidity in motion.
  • Embrace and integrate the sudden influx and expansive magnitude of abundance, prosperity, well being and fulfillment that will come.
  • Switch from scarcity to abundance mode and convert your tension, stress, and resistance into powerful torque and propulsion.
  • Enjoy being in flow and living in a natural ecosystem designed to maintain peace, harmony and balance, regardless of what may be happening around you.
  • Enlist your Ego Mind into becoming the best general contractor of the life you want to build, with your Heart as the ultimate architect and designer.
  • Navigate life spherically and multidimensionally so you have a bird’s eye view of your journey at all times and are able to maximize everything around you always.

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